Determining Child Custody


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Deciding on the custody of your children is one of the hardest decisions that many parents have to face after they have decided to divorce from one another. There are many different factors that go into deciding what amount of custody time you are going to get with your children. In Ohio family law attorney shared with us a couple of the things that they consider when they are determining child custody between two parents.


Employment is a big factor when determining child custody. If you have a job where you’re working nights rather than days, it’s difficult to have your children during the day because you are not able to see them. Singles for parents you work 10 days on and 4 days off. These types of situations are all things that your family law attorney is going to take into consideration, as well as the judge, when they grant your child custody. It also makes a difference what type of job you have and the type of income you earn as well.


Anything that has happened in your past is going to be brought up when it comes time to determine the amount of child custody that you were going to have your children. If you have any dark secrets in your past, the attorney on the other side of the courtroom is going to find it. A judge is not going to be very likely to grant a great amount of child custody to a parent who has a history. A judge is also going to take into consideration how you have handled the divorce and separation for yourself. If you handled your divorce situation well, and judge is more likely to let you have your children for longer.


You’re going to be a lot of questions regarding your lifestyle. I just want to know a lot about your lifestyle in order to determine if the children are going to be able to fit in well without the help of the other spouse. Looking at your lifestyle allows the judge to picture the children in your life. You want to be sure you explain that your lifestyle is going to sit well with your newly single parent lifestyle as well. If it is important to you that you have as much time with your children as possible you may need to adjust the way that you are living so the attorney and the judge can see that you are serious about having the children in your life as much as possible.

There are obviously other things that go into play when the custody of your children is being decided. However, it is always important that you understand that you need to be the best version of yourself so that the children are able to live with you and spend time with you without the other parent.

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