Car Accessories and Extras – What to Look Out For


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When buying a new car, getting enthusiastic about accessories or extras is probably a typical behaviour of every car buyer. After all, it is a product in which a lot of time is spent and every comfort contributes to the enjoyment of driving. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying accessories or thinking about buying some.

If you buy a new car, you have many options when it comes to accessories. The distributer usually does a lot to draw attention to this equipment. However, it is important to make sure that the accessories are original parts from the vehicle manufacturer.

If the equipment is not offered by the manufacturer but by the distributer himself, it is not covered in the vehicle warranty.

In general, equipment extras or options such as air conditioning, automatic transmission, ABS or airbags are offered by the manufacturer. These are often safety extras or comfort benefits. These increase the value of the new car and must be installed during the car production.

Parts added after construction are often not true to the original. In most cases, these are installed by the distributor or added to the purchase packages. They are often trailer hitches, optional wheel packs or frontal protection system. Accessories such as seat covers, doormats, fabric protectors or window tints are also usually not original parts. This should be handled with particular care, as they are often goods which can increase the purchase price disproportionately.

If you are dealing with expensive cars like Mercedes, BMW or VW, you should pay special attention to these signs. Accessories that are not part of the original equipment often do not increase the resale value. For this reason, if you need spare parts for your Mercedes, it is highly recommended to buy them at Mercedes Shop.

If necessary, however, you can always add something afterwards. Thereby you can focus on manufacturer accessories. A retrofit increases the value of the vehicle and is a safe option.

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